Estimated Cost

Minimum times required quoted. Actual times are subject to student ability and effort.

Dual C172R - 15 hours $3,090.00
Simulator - 25 hours $2,875.00
Ground Brief - 20 hours $1,260.00
Flight Test - 1.5 hour solo $214.50
Total Tuition $7,439.50

* Plus applicable taxes. Rates are wet: include fuel.

Rates are current as of 2018-Jul-01 and are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact our office at 780-419-6777 for more information.

Books and Supplies (Student supplied)
Textbook "Sharper Edge Instrument Exam Prep" $79.95
CPS, CAP3, LO1-2 charts (approx.) $40.00
Total Supplies (approx.) $200.00

* Plus applicable taxes

Students are required to supply their own pilot equipment (headset, kneeboard, timepiece, etc.)

Books and Supplies can be purchased directly from any aviation supply shop or through the CFI

Other fees (not payable to Namao)
Flight Test Examiner Fee (approx.) $400.00
Transport Canada Rating Application Fee $30.00
INRAT Written Examination Fee $105.00

Other Information